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Quantity Surveyor

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Pro Landscaper 30 Under 30 Professional Practice in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management - BA Honours

What do you love about your job?

I enjoy the variety that each day brings at Killingley. I get to work with some great people and on different landscaping projects that involve city centre tree planting, show homes and large commercial schemes.

Where next in your career?

Killingley have already supported me in my career progression. My first position in the company was as an admin assistant, since then I have been given training opportunities that have allowed me to gain a degree and progress into the position I am in now. For the future I would like to progress into a management role.

Who needs Food Manager Certification?

Most states require a food manager certification if your serve food to public. Food safety certifications are required If you serve food at your business, you must have a certified food manager working for you. Certification is also part of the process for getting a food service permit. You need Food Manager Certification to obtain your Minnesota Certified Protection Manager (CFPM).

Can I attend an online class or food safety training before I can take the Food Safety Manager Exam?

Yes we offer an eight (8) hour Food Manager course. Contact your local health department for certification and training requirements.

How do I get certified?

We offer online training and online examinations or private onsite (your office or business) training. Click on the REGISTER link at the top of the page and select the option that best works for you.

What is included in the training? Is The Food Manager Book Really FREE ?

Yes the book is FREE! Our online training and online examination packages includes the National Food Safety Training Institute Food Manager Fundamentals book and electronic study material (pdf format) to access right away. These tools will assist you when taking your online course.

When do I get my certificate? I need it today can I get it?

National Food Safety Training Institute provides proctored online exams. With online exams you recieve your results immediatly. We offer daily certification exams including weekends. So if you need certificate today we can help to get you one today. You can either book your exam online or call us at 888.327.3284. To book online click on the REGISTER link at the top of the page. For initial certification in Minnesota visit the following web site:

How much does initial online Food Manager Certification and examination cost?

National Food Safety Training Institute offers lowest prices on Food Manager certifications. The cost is $279.00 and includes the online ServSafe class, online proctored code and online proctored examination. This price includes the Food Manager book and electronic study material to access immediatly after completing your registration For initial certification, visit the following web site:

Are there any pre-qualifications for the initial Food Manager Certification?

No there are no pre-qualifications to do the ServSafe exams. You need to bring a government issued valid photo ID such as driver’s license or passport for taking Food Manager Certification Exam.


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